Boring to Brilliant; A Reference Guide for Speakers


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Author, Barbara Rogoski


- Do you need to define and clarify key messages that can be effectively carried across a variety of communication platforms?

-Are you looking for insights and direction on how to engage, influence and persuade your audience?

- Do you want to learn how to create content that connects, tell stories that stick and deliver it with dynamite impact?

Then Boring to Brilliant! is for YOU!

Executive Speaker Coach and TEDx senior speaker coach, Barbara Rogoski shares her knowledge and expertise to help you take your speech, pitch or presentation from boring to brilliant. Barbara has coached more than 135 TEDx speakers, Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, celebrities, professional speakers, and heads of state.What she has done for them she can do for you.

This insightful, image rich speaker’s guide is full of powerful tips and techniques you can integrate right away into your next public speaking event. The guide is a handy business tool you will want to keep on your desk or in your briefcase to refer to over and over again.


  • More than 150 Quick and Focused Speaker Tips
  • New sections about storytelling, webinars & panel discussions
  • Super Tool: Anatomy of a Brilliant Speech, Story & Panel Host
  • 3 Different Ways to Tell a Story in Your Speech
  • Checklists for Brilliant Speakers and Speeches
  • Anti-Checklists for What NOT to Do
  • Empowerment Section for Women Speakers
  • An Effective Step-By-Step Method to Rehearse Your Speech
  • Post Speech Review Document – Do Better the Next Time?
  • What is a Servant Speaker?

About the Author – Barbara Rogoski is an American Executive Speaker Coach

Who specializes in helping business speakers to present confidently and with impact. Her unique “no blah-blah” style of coaching and confidence building has been implemented on stages all around the world. Her passion for her clients empowers them to speak their truth and make a difference. Barbara’s talent is in bringing out that greatness in every speaker and every speech.

Barbara is the Public Speaker’s Best Friend!

Your Instructor

Barbara Rogoski
Barbara Rogoski

Barbara is an American executive communication coach for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Her focus is to help business professionals to tell their story with confidence, clarity and impact. She has coached more than 100 TEDx speakers at more than 20 TEDx events. Barbara is also a published author of Boring to Brilliant, A Reference Guide for Speakers, a professional speaker and mentor. She has a special focus and passion to help women in business to step up and speak up for what they want in their careers and in life.

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